Price Transparency

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“We work from the heart and not from the wallet.”

It is very important for us to keep the ayahuasca healing retreats accessible for anyone that feels the calling. Actually, this is part of the reason why we founded Acsauhaya: bringing Amazonian healers here to your European doorstep, saves you time, costs and effort of travelling to the Amazon yourself. Yet, we also understand that you might wonder why our prices are what they are and that perhaps you would like to have more insight into “where the money goes”.

At Acsauhaya, we work from the heart and not from the wallet. We strongly feel that this sacred medicine should be accessible to anyone that feels called by it. Therefore, we try to keep our retreats as accessible as possible. We would like to be clear and transparent with you about what it takes and the (ongoing) costs we face to run the Acsauhaya center.

Firstly, we are a Dutch company, registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. That means that a large percentage of the price you pay for the retreat is VAT and other Dutch taxes that we must pay.

Secondly, of course, there are the ongoing costs of the location itself (rent, gas, electricity, water, insurances), plus the repayment of the initial investment needed in order to establish the Acsauhaya center (renovation, creating facilities, furnishing, decoration, construction of the website, etc.). Besides the costs for the location, there are running costs of travel and transportation, food and drinks, and other general operating costs (such as website maintenance, office supplies, accountancy fees, etc.).

Furthermore, there are costs for the ayahuasca and the medicinal plants and costs for getting them here to Europe. Last, but not least, it takes a lot of staff to run a retreat (center). Even though we try to work with volunteers as much as possible (and they do take up a huge part of the work!), you still need professionals in the center as well as in support functions: shamans (who travel here with their families), facilitators, people in construction, website developers, cooks, etc.