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2-day intimate Women’s Retreat Psilocybin (Truffles)


Before you can attend one of our retreats, it is important that we review information about known medical conditions and/or the usage of any drugs or medication (if applicable), at the time of booking. We evaluate the possibility of attendance on a case by case basis. Therefore, we ask you to fill out this questionnaire (opens in new browser tab) as accurately as possible. Of course we will maintain the confidentiality of this information.

Please note that we CANNOT CONFIRM YOUR BOOKING before your medical questionnaire has been reviewed. Please DO NOT make travel arrangements (book flights) before we have confirmed your booking. (We strive to respond within 48 hours.)


2-day all-inclusive program with 1 (Psilocybin) truffle ceremony incl. 1 overnight stay.

This special women’s retreat is exclusive, limited to 6 participants and only for women. A familiar and loving atmosphere without distractions is created so that you can delve deep into yourself and receive profound insights.

This seminar is led by our experienced ceremony leader Femke.

In addition to the Psilocybin ceremony, this retreat also includes a heart-opening cacao ceremony, 1:1 introductory video call with the facilitator (Dutch or English), additional support in the form of reflections, and group integration video call.

What’s included:

  • 1 truffle (Psilocybin) ceremony
  • 1 heart-opening cacao ceremony
  • Live music (professional harp player, guitarist and singer)
  • Small group (max. 6 participants, women only)
  • Meals (healthy, vegetarian dishes suitable for working with Psilocybin)
  • Sharing circle
  • Experienced team of Dutch and English speaking female guides to make you feel safe and welcome
  • Retreat Support Program (including journaling prompts and video-call)
  • Accommodation in comfortable shared rooms
  • Free parking (or shuttle service from the nearest train station)

What’s not included:

  • Flights
  • Transportation from the airport to our retreat center

Additional information

Choose your dates

11 July with Curandera Femke

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