3 Day Ayahuasca

Healing Retreat

“Are you ready to surrender? To lay down your resistance and take responsibility for your own healing process?”

Our 3 day retreats provide you with the opportunity to work with the sacred plant ayahuasca in the most safe, healing environment possible. We have created the best settings to go through this profound journey of emotional, spiritual and physical healing!

The retreat program contains support from our experienced team in the form of individual “intention settings” talks and group sharing circles. The accommodation is in our beautiful Dutch farm house, which is located in a secluded area and surrounded by nature, allowing you to draw additional support in your healing process by connecting with the earth.

The 3 day retreat program includes 2 ayahuasca ceremonies, led by one of our experienced ayahuasca maestros or Peruvian shamans, who have all worked with thousands of participants from all over the world. They will lead you through this journey into the unknown, and prepare you for the integration process.

The work with ayahuasca requires courage and willingness to leave your comfort zone, yet it is highly rewarding for those who are on the path of healing and awakening, and are ready for the next step!

Read some of the reviews or watch our participants testimonials video to get a taste of what the experience would be like!


Before you can attend one of our retreats, it is important that we review information about known medical conditions and/or the usage of any drugs or medication (if applicable), at the time of booking. We evaluate the possibility of attendance on a case by case basis. Therefore, we ask you to fill out this questionnaire (opens in new browsertab) as accurately as possible. Of course we will maintain the confidentiality of this information.