Upcoming Integration Programs

“Receiving space, self reflection and connection weeks after the retreat is very beneficial.”

We are always looking for ways to support your full potential. In partnership with Nectara, we are excited to invite you to join the upcoming Nectara Pod, an integral program for transformation with psychedelics, exclusively for previous Acsauhaya guests.

This 6-week online group program is designed by Nectara’s & Acsauhaya’s team of integration and wellness specialists. It will provide you with the in-depth support, tools, and wisdom necessary to translate the full spectrum of gifts from your psychedelic retreat into your everyday life.

Integration is everything. Whether you just left an experience with us or you’re exploring a journey that happened in the past, this Program is for you.

To signup to the next Pod, head over to https://www.nectara.co/acsauhaya

The potential benefits of this program:

  • Expand and deepen the gifts received during your psychedelic journey.
  • Connect with an intentional community to process, reflect, and share.
  • Design a roadmap to reconnect to wholeness with more ease and clarity.
  • Benefit from the power of shared humanity in a closed and trauma-informed facilitated container.
  • Receive practical wellness resources to enrich your mind, body, and soul.
  • Deepen your connection to yourself, others, and the Earth.

This groundbreaking integration program includes:

  • Six two-hour group calls facilitated by a carefully vetted Nectara integration guide.
  • Six unique and multifaceted weekly themes: Grounding, Flow, Transformation, Expansion, Wisdom, and Interbeing.
  • An intimate and powerful trauma-informed community container held with intention, ceremony, and care.
  • Lifetime access to a library of resources, including high-quality guided breathwork sessions, meditation journeys, Yoga Nidra practices, and much more.
  • A private and facilitated community space where additional opportunities to connect and share exist during and after the program.

Program details:

  • Only ten spots are available.
  • People of all ages, experiences, genders, and cultural backgrounds are welcomed.
  • Hosted entirely online.
  • Available exclusively to previous Acsauhaya guests.
  • Program pricing is on a sliding scale (435-570 EUR).
  • Interest-free payment plans are available.
  • Themes: Hosted online for 6 consecutive weeks. Specific dates will vary for each cohort.
    • Week 1 – Grounding
    • Week 2 – Flow
    • Week 3 – Transformation
    • Week 4 – Expansion
    • Week 5 – Wisdom
    • Week 6 – Interbeing

Ready to step into the full potential of your retreat?