What others say about Acsauhaya

The weekend was fantastic2023-01-04T11:25:57+01:00

Dear Acsauhaya team,

Well, its nice to give some feedback here to you all. During the intention discussion with Barin Mane, the first sharing circle, and final sharing circle, I managed to only speak in total, about 2 sentences without becoming very, VERY emotional haha. I can report that a week later, I am very well. I still feel like some things are moving, and shifting and rearranging in a very deep way.

I have felt closed off for many, many years. Frozen. Blocked. Unable to form new romantic relationships, and struggling to maintain old relationships with friends and family. A lot of suffering. I tried some online therapy over the years, and have read every self help book I could find. But, I never really got beneath and behind the things that were keeping me locked and blocked so tight. I hoped going to this ayahuasca retreat would help me find some insight, move some things, help me find a more open and freer version of myself from the past.

The first ceremony, while pleasant, was uneventful for me. I did however, feel a softening (i think is the best way to describe it) in my body, towards the end of the first ceremony, but no break through. In the 2nd ceremony, after 3 drinks, I still felt very little other than frustration. At this point I was quite dejected and a bit hopeless that I would leave without any insight. In hindsight, I think I was like a bottle with a very VERY well fastned cork, I had an enormous build up of repressed emotion. This, coupled with a very strong ego (trying to control things always) – it’s no wonder it took so long for a breakthrough. Thanks to Barin Mane’s perseverance and kindness, and after one more drink from the ‘ Magic glass’ – I had what I can only describe as an enormous eruption of emotion from my body. A lifetime of emotion, it came wave after wave after wave. A lot of love, incredible remorse for taking the people in my life for granted, and for not really connecting with them. And then a long conversation about self forgiveness. I travelled over so much ground, with so many people and so much of my life in those hours, it’s hard to find the words. Suffice to say it was an incredible breakthrough, and the ego really did disappear for those hours which was such relief and gave me a chance to see the person I am beneath it again. As incredible as it was, I do feel like I have more work to do, and will certainly be back in 2023 to experience it once more. I am so much more hopeful about the future.

In terms of general feedback, the weekend was fantastic. A wonderfully welcoming environment, good food, comfortable beds. Barin Mane’s relaxed  yet professional guidance and good humour was fantastic throughout, and the guides were both so kind and helpful at every turn. It truly was a privilege to experience this personally, and with 8 perfect strangers from around the world. To hear the stories of those 8 people on that Sunday morning, to see their progress and tears, it really makes the heart soar. I hope you guys continue to do this great work for many years to come, I cannot think of anything more worthwhile and important, truly.

Thank You all, and I look forward to seeing you guys once again. In the meantime, the work and healing continues!

An interesting side effect has been, I have had a very heavy and unhealthy caffeine addiction for the past 25 years. I associate caffeine with being alert, in battle/defense mode, ready to fight with the world! I tried a few times in the past to quit, which caused awful headaches, and affected my vision, so I always quickly returned to my extra strong coffees!. After the ceremony, my desire and need to drink coffee was gone. I had zero withdrawal. I haven’t drank  coffee in ten days with no problem. Thankyou Mother Ayahuasca!

All the best for now.


I benefited from this and I’m glad I came2022-10-24T14:34:13+02:00

Good afternoon,

I feel I have just landed today, the first 5 days I was tired, a bit depressed and confused, I have also been emotional, but today I feel great, I am more relaxed than I was before and I don’t have as much anger in me, also things that bothered me in the past don’t so much now. My sleep has improved also.

These are the things I’ve noticed straight away and I’m looking forward to seeing how the experience integrates in the future, I will work on this process in the coming months to see what certain things from my experience meant.

My second ceremony was very intense but I feel like this was needed for me to take away and work on certain emotions I have.

In summary I benefited from this and I’m glad I came, it was made better by having a good group and a fantastic team and shaman to work with, very patient with me and I felt safe so this was an important factor for me.

I feel my journey with this medicine is still not over so I will come back in the near future once I have integrated my recent experience.


It was a deeply healing and transformative weekend2022-09-07T15:48:11+02:00

Dear Acsauhaya team,

thanks so much for being in touch. I had an absolutely wonderful time at the retreat! It was a deeply healing and transformative weekend for me, and I’m still processing everything and trying to integrate what I’ve learned and experienced – and I think I will be for some time to come.

I’m incredibly grateful for the kind and loving care I received from everyone, and of course for Barin Mane’s sensitive and gentle guidance throughout, all of which helped immensely with building trust in the process – something that was immensely important for me since I had to work through some difficulties and trauma.

You’re doing important work at Acsauhaya, and my visit with you was a truly profound experience in my life!

I hope to be back soon. :)

All the best,


Thank you all so much for the loving, nurturing and healing environment2022-09-07T15:35:17+02:00

Thank you all so much for the loving, nurturing and healing environment that you all provide at Acsauhaya. The environment there is so colorful, warm, rich, safe, peaceful, loving and in every way nurturing! Your love and care are so apparent, so real that, with the plant medicine, I find healing for places in myself where I had suffered since very early in my childhood. I had a true transformation! In years of traditional talk therapy, I have never experienced such a movement of strong healing as the plant medicine brought me. I am changed. I have more peace and freedom.

Throughout the retreat there were many steps in my movement to awareness. Each step built upon the previous one. I could see the movements as they happened but didn’t know where it was leading until finally, I had a powerful and emotional breakthrough. Since then, I see the transformation as it shows up in my reactions and feelings. I have a peace and acceptance that I didn’t have before. I’ve been reinforcing these changes with much journaling. This integration has continued to nourish my experience there.

Thank you all. I hope to see you again!

I send much love and gratitude to you all!


My Ayahuasca-experience was sublimely beautiful2022-09-07T14:32:57+02:00

My Ayahuasca-experience was sublimely beautiful. I realized that we all already have everything we need. Our world is full of beauty, music and joy. Ayahuasca is everywhere in it.

My husband and I went to the retreat together. The shared experience has made us more attentive and receptive to each other’s needs. Our life together is now more fulfilled and peaceful.

The Acsauhaya-Team is knowledgeable and caring. There is thought and intention behind the process. You will be safe and taken care of.

All the best,


I’m extremely grateful for your work and devotion in my healing process2022-09-07T14:24:50+02:00

Dear lovely Acsauhaya team,

My first awake back at my temporary home was wired I had strong feeling that my last few days with you was just a dream and I would have difficulty to convince myself I wasn’t dreaming if not a few material things I brought from Netherland and my still not fully unpacked backpack in my room.

Since my return to UK I noticed a few changes in me, firstly, my mind is much more quiet, I’m feeling more present and grounded. Secondly, my fear toward people I felt before is less intense. To be honest I don’t think all this changes settled in me properly yet and I’m noticing something new everyday. I will probably need weeks to describe fully what really changed in me and how.

Once again I’m extremely grateful for your work and devotion in my healing process.

I wish you all the best!

With love,


This was perhaps the most impactful weekend of my life2022-09-07T13:57:03+02:00

Dear wonderful Acsauhaya-Team,

This was perhaps the most impactful weekend of my life! The experiences I made will stay with me and guide me through the rest of my time on earth in this form and maybe even the next. At least I pray it will be so.

My outlook on everything has changed. My relationship to my wife feels even more intimite and beautiful than before. I feel more connected to my kids but most of all I have learned to love myself. I hated myself for so long and now this giant weight has been lifted.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much!!!!

Please continue your great work!


I am very grateful for the lifetime experience2022-09-07T13:41:08+02:00

Dear fellow beautiful souls,

Thank you for following up and sharing the music lists.

I am very grateful for the lifetime experience I had with you guys and all the other wonderful participants. I am spreading the word and recommending it to everyone I know.

I found out that I lost 3 kilograms during the retreat and my body continues to be content with much less food. I am also having very good sleep with vivid dreams that I can remember, which was not the case before. Each time I smell aqua de florida and close my eyes, it puts me in a deep state of pure blissfulness and transports me back to the yurt.

I still have one week of free days and I am using the time to connect with myself and prioritize the changes and I need to make in my life. I will definitely come back a second time, hopefully next year. I wish you all the best.

Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.

With much love and respect.


The retreat from last weekend changed my life2022-09-07T13:33:51+02:00


I am doing, i don’t really know what words to use. The retreat from last weekend changed my life in ways i can’t begin to describe. Ayahuasca healed, cleansed and expanded my consciousness in ways i believe not many thing could do. My heart also opened during the 2nd ceremony.

I feel one, i feel at peace, i feel magic, i feel emotional. I feel a deep longing to the feelings i experienced during the ceremonies. The state of being i was in, in combination with the music, i believe i have never felt so happy, loved and aware in my entire life.

The safety i felt at the farm house, surrounded by the loving people of the team and the other participants, was something i am truly grateful for. You guys and Mother Ayahuasca have a very special place in my heart.

Huge thank you for adding the Spotify playlist, as i have already added all the songs to my own Spotify account.

Also thank you for the integration toolkit as i find it very informative and useful!

If i hear Mother Ayahuasca’s call again, i will not hesitate to contact you!

Thank you!!!!


I feel about 10 years younger2022-09-07T13:28:25+02:00


I’m really good, still, 3 days after I often notice ayahuasca doing her healing work on me during relaxation or when waking up in the mornings. I’d say I feel about 10 years younger, with some of the pains of aging (like in the knees or around some slipped discs) completely gone.

Thank you very much from my heart for the great service and opportunity you provide and the loving community you are the foundation of!


I feel more grounded, calm and connected to myself2022-05-18T15:54:31+02:00


I wanted to thank you and to share a little bit about my experience at Acsahuaya. It was my first ayahuasca retreat ever. I immediately felt welcomed and safe, thanks to the kindness and thoughtfulness of everyone on the team, as well as the very clear explanations about the process — both on the phone prior to confirming my booking, and onsite when Shurandy walked us through what would happen during the ceremony.

Part of my intention was to learn to love myself more and to take better care of myself, and I have definitely noticed a change since I got back to day-to-day life. I haven’t had a sip of alcohol — my body just doesn’t crave it at all, even after a stressful day — and I have been more mindful of the way I spend my time and energy. Overall, I feel more grounded, calm, and connected to myself. In terms of integration, journaling has been extremely helpful. I have never managed to sustain a journaling practice in my adult life, but somehow it now feels natural, and even necessary.

All in all, this was one of the most mind-expanding experiences of my life, and I am grateful to the Acsahuaya team for creating such a magical place and opening it up to fellow humans looking for answers.

Thank you so much, and I will be back!


I feel fantastic2022-05-18T15:43:51+02:00

Hi Guys,

How am I? Well…I feel fantastic. Really relaxed and happy and I feel like a lot of the anxiety I had before has vanished. I’m very grateful to you all for your kind care and wonderful warmth. I am keen to come back as soon as I can and am talking to my partner about us coming back together for the 5 day retreat.

Again, thank you so much. I think this is one of the best things I’ve ever done! It was a real pleasure to meet you all. Hope to see you again soon!

Much love,


New sense of calm2022-05-18T15:39:31+02:00

Dear all at Acsauhaya,

It has been interesting integrating the effects upon me of ayahuasca in my everyday life. There is no doubt I have felt considerably calmer, and far more tolerant of life’s stressors. This new sense of calm has been reflected in my treatment of those around me. Immediately after returning, matters that used to irritate me before simply did not. This effect has diminished to an extent over the following days, but I feel I have been left with an effective – and I hope permanent – filter, which, if I concentrate, permits me to catch and thereby avoid providing the negative responses I once used to fire off automatically in certain scenarios. This is on any view a wonderful and powerful tool.

In addition, when faced with difficulties in my work, instead of the stress I feel manifesting as anger and impatience, I have noticed an increased tendency for it to manifest as a need to cry – not much, just a little, and then it is gone.

I am of course now reading one of your recommended books on Ayahuasca. The brew has clearly captivated my imagination and I remain extremely curious about it and what it has done to me. I had two profound experiences with you: on my first afternoon I experienced two complete releases from my body, the second of which involved my experiencing a full death – which I only really understood to be such at the point in time of my subsequent rebirth into this body. This first session made me – I think understandably – anxious about going back to drink again the following afternoon, but the second session was simply beautiful: she was far gentler and more healing in nature than during my first, effectively mind blowing, session. Both experiences remain almost as vivid to me now as they were at the time I experienced them.

I am most grateful for having found you all, and for the environment in which you provide the medicine.

I found Shurandi to be extraordinarily supportive, honest, amusing and insightful. He struck me as exactly the sort of person with whom I could become close friends if the circumstances of our lives permitted it. I can imagine no better or more supportive guide than him. If (when) I drink ayahuasca again, I will do all I can to ensure I do so under his watchful and benign eye.

Thank you all so much for the weekend. I truly hope you keep doing what you doing – and Shurandi continues to provide ceremonies that are as welcoming and safe and mind-altering as those he provided for us – into the future. It seems to me you are all doing exactly what you ought to be doing with your lives right now, which is no doubt hugely fulfilling.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon. I suspect I will be in touch about a possible private retreat for myself and my partner. I very much hope we can organise this for when Shurandi is back on shamanic duty again!



I feel a change in my mind, my reactions and especially my body2022-05-04T08:39:48+02:00

Hi guys ❤️

I‘m really good. I feel a change in my mind, my reactions and especially my body. I am more aware of myself, feel more secure and I am just appreciating life.

Still a little confused about the messages I got in my journey but I‘m positive that I‘ll figure it out by time. I think a lot about new ideas to make a better life for me and how I get the best possible benefetis out of my experience and of course working on Integration. I feel like this is a new start in my life and I‘m so curios to see what life has to offer. There are a lot of situations where it feels like aya is still working in me and for that I am so thankful.

I really wanna thank you guys for the work You’re doing. It‘s so important and so life changing. I felt so loved and safe in your house and hands. Thank you for everything! Keep being amazing you all and doing this amazing work!! ❤️

I will come back for sure and hope to see all of you guys again

Much loveeee ❤️


I have nothing but warm memories to all of you2022-04-18T14:39:14+02:00

You guys are amazing. The group was amazing. It’s hard to find words for the feeling of wholeness, being reconnected, being interconnected. It’s even harder to explain that this is a result of spending time with total strangers and letting ayahuasca do it’s beautiful work.

I am still kind of floating, a bliss-like feathery light feeling which I hope I can maintain or at least find ways to go back to it. I actually found already a way of returning to the feeling, as it goes with ups and downs, I just grab a bike and cycle trough nature. Enjoy the wind, the sun and the view, while listening to music, it’s great. Ayahuasca brought me closer to my emotions, which is a very powerful feeling.

I have nothing but warm memories to all of you. I can’t thank you enough.


I have already started to see mama Aya and San Pedro’s healing powers in action2022-04-01T13:42:33+02:00

Ah lovely lovely people,

Thank you again so so much for such a wonderful retreat last weekend. I am certain my life will not be the same as a result of the plant medicine, and meeting you all and the others on the retreat- these connections, and people’s openness, kindness and vulnerability, holding space for others, were also super important to this process for me and what makes this centre special.

Over the past week I have been thinking deeply about what I have learned, what messages I have received from the plants and am trusting the process. I have already started to see mama Aya and San Pedro’s healing powers in action.

I will plan to come to see you again and revisit the plants at the end of May. The strong feeling that I have more to learn, especially from mama Aya continues, and that it would be good to not wait too long.


I am feeling truly transformed2022-03-18T12:57:20+01:00

I’m doing really well, feeling truly transformed in an astounding way. It goes deep and into everything I do or experience. I’m so grateful to everyone there. You facilitated my experience with so much love, kindness and hard work. Thank you🙏 I miss you all and hope that someday we’ll meet again. Meanwhile, I send love to each of you there. Your goodness shines🙏💕

I’ve not really landed… don’t have to yet. I’ve been in quiet spaces where I am able to be in the present and to be attentive to what moves in me. My integration proceeds with reflection, writing and learning the ways of my transformed self. It’s profound. This coming week I will begin seeing friends and acquaintances, i.e. landing. I know that I have to find a way to be my new self in old places and to deal with all the logistics of life. Life will be lived differently now and I know that there will be many changes and variations to be lived out. But I will live it more presently, as my true self.

I met Barin Mane briefly in January when my wife was concluding her retreat. I knew how good and deep her experience had been and I thanked him. His reply was, “It’s the medicine.” But I know that you all have given us, initially strangers to you, a gentle and loving place for the medicine to do its work and this supported and encouraged me. I thank you.🙏❤


I had a very healing experience2022-03-18T12:49:22+01:00

Thank you for doing what you do with thoughtfulness, attention to detail, calm, compassion and caring 🙏

Thank you for preparing all those delicious meals too, for holding my hand, rolling me cigarettes and soothing my mind with your tender music and gentle voices. I am grateful 🙏

I had a very healing experience. In the second Ayahuasca Journey I was put in a comfortable, contemplative state of mind where I could face my problems and figure out how to sort them out. This was as a result of the right dose of Ayahuasca, the beautiful playlist, the lighting, the Agua De Florida and also the result of the gentleness, respect and experience of the team. You guys made me feel like a long lost sibling 🙏. I am grateful and surprised that Mother Ayahuasca is real. I feel she is still with me. I no longer feel alone in the barren universe.

Mother Ayahuasca showed me my life and I realized that I have a lot of work to do on my habits. I need to cultivate good habits of exercise, cold, meditation, breathing, hard work, reading, intermittent fasting and stenography. I want to cultivate these habits in order to achieve freedom. Freedom to face my issues. To make tough decisions. Freedom to plan for the future. Freedom from being vulnerable and dependent.

I am no longer scared of dying or of failing. I feel I can now focus on what really matters to my heart.

I need to become a kinder, stronger, better man that knows himself better and is wiser and more comfortable with his body and with reality. Only once I sort out myself, then I will be able to be a force of good in my close network. I will be able to make my mother’s life easier and be able to listen to my father more patiently and become more empathetic with my brother. Maybe someday in the future I will reach the maturity required to have a relationship or a family of my own, but for now I am going to hone and polish my habits.

Thank you for helping me get here. Reality feels different now. I feel more enlightened and more able to feel pain and to bear pain. I look forward to journey #3.


Most intense and lasting experience I have had2021-12-28T12:56:47+01:00

I wanted to take some time and write to you in peace.

The weekend with you and the ceremonies are so far the most intense and lasting experience I have had. I have been full of happiness, serenity and love ever since. I have the feeling that I am back in my power and have gotten rid of the negativity that accompanied me. I live more consciously and no longer have the feeling of always being in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing.

I told you about the ceremony when I realised who loves me. Among the relatives who loved me was my aunt who raised me. She called me two days after I arrived. The last time we spoke on the phone was probably half a year ago. That touched me very much.

Thank you for the playlists and for the everyday help.

I will continue to report to you and look forward to my next visit with you.

I wish you all the best, a Merry Christmas and a good start into the New Year.


Nothing is impossible and I remember what I really am2021-11-03T13:00:40+01:00

My train just left in amsterdam, where i am sitting with my san pedro. I will not consume him.. haha.. but he will always remember me.. that nothing is impossible and what i really am.

i had a wonderful time in Texel. just like the last day and night in Amsterdam. all this people from everywhere.. was exciting and fascinating and i never lost my peace. i dont feel the need to search for myself anymore, because i can see myself in anybody and everything. that fills my heart with an indiscribable joy and words cannot express how thankful i am. i feel no more boundaries for my mind and will work on not setting any. i dont want to avoid feelings anymore but truly surrender to it. i just tried out an hour ago and it felt great :) i know now what it truly means and i cant wait to see whats coming for me.

Ayahuasca has heald me deeply and really showed me what is. what a wonderful gift she gave me. i’ll never forget. What Ayahuasca showed me.. San Pedro just let me try out everything. what a incredible powerful medicine this is. im still feel speechless a bit about what he let me expirience. San pedro really fixed my inner strenght and showed me that there are really no boarders for my mind. i can see my way now so clear. this feels amaaaaaaziiiing.

a few weeks ago i started to visit the buddhist temple near my city. i want to continue on that path and explore my mind and my environment everyday a new. i feel so great and happy :)

i wanna thank you all from the bottom of my heart. again words cannot discribe how thankful i am. i will never forget you and always include you to my prayers. what a beautiful and important work you all do.

thank you thank you thank you ❤️


Most beautiful experience in my life2021-10-13T16:09:56+02:00

I just wanted to say how incredebly thankful I am for the time we all spent together. Everyone was showing love and respect to each other and the weekend was full of meaningful and great conversations. The ceremonies were life changing. You made me feel safe, so i could completely let go and have the most beautiful experience in my life ever.

Peace and Love


Amazing experience2021-10-13T16:07:18+02:00

I wanted to let you know that I had an AMAZING experience with you at the retreat. Ayahuasca changed the way I think about myself, acceptance & self love and San Pedro changed the way I think about EVERYTHING. This experience truly changed me in the best way possible. It was absolutely amazing. I felt safe from the second I arrived. The food was delicious, participants and the team, the whole experience was in one word – WOW!

I know it wouldn’t have this effect if I went somewhere else. You guys are professionals and everyone I speak to about the experience wants to have one as well with you.

Thank you for the experience I went as one person and came back as another, exactly what I needed.


The visit to your centre was a gift for me2022-01-21T12:23:35+01:00
The visit to your centre was a gift for me. The time together this weekend was just unbelievably good. It was like being in a place where I met like-minded people and was allowed to be myself and everyone else be themselves for two days, just unexpectedly overwhelming. Thank you all very much, your support was just very fitting and very helpful. Special thanks to Johannes for his open, honest sharing and excellent support during the ceremonies! Dear thanks to Joelly for his profound and so important conversations, they helped me a lot to understand my impressions and experiences from the ceremonies better! Special thanks to Hannah for sharing her experience with her parents (accepting them), which helped me to better understand my situation. And of course Barin Mane, thank you very much for trusting me in the ceremonies, strong guy! The two ceremonies were very intense and deep for me. The second one, however, was definitely the stronger one. My expectation to “understand myself better” (whatever that means) was more than exceeded in both ceremonies. Ayahuasca, above all, showed me why I was really at the centre. It was about my “emotional inner world”, I understand that more and more since I am back home. My issue with my father is a central painful point in my life. In the second ceremony, I was told very clearly that I have to accept on the emotional level, unconditionally. As well described in your “Integration ToolKit”, I have to cut the energetic connection to my father. I understand since Monday evening that there is no other way for me here. He (my father) has to go his own way. The following was my first experience when I arrived home on Monday: I wanted to thank my mum and dad for everything and let them know that no matter what is/was between us, no strings attached, I am very grateful for everything they have done for me and really love them very much as my parents. […] I notice it very much now, as if a side of me that has been hidden for a long time is showing itself, which I have repressed since childhood (probably since I was 10 or 12 years old). It could very well be that the retreat has uncovered this and I am slowly slipping into the new old me. This fits in too well with my childhood/fatherhood theme. Have such a very subtle feeling that this overwhelming weekend was just the beginning. I continue to actively exchange with some of the participants, which helps a lot to better integrate and process the experiences I have had. If life allows me and I get the opportunity, I would be very happy to be your guest in the center again. Eugen Germany
Most profound experience of my life2021-09-24T11:11:14+02:00

The five day psychedelic retreat was one of the most profound experiences of my life. It’s difficult to put into words the intense understanding acquired during these ceremonies. Mother Ayahuasca took over my body and healed physical issues I’ve been having for years. Father San Pedro open my eyes to my “Real Self” and gave me great clarity about my inner journey.

These medicine plants are “magical” and their healing properties are immensely underestimated by our current society. They truly connect you to your Higher Self. The healing experience also continues afterwards once arrived home. The insights I’ve received since have been incredible. I feel calmer, connected and healthier in my body.

The Acsauhaya team (Maestro Shurandy and facilatators Diana, Joelle and Hannah) are professional, caring, attentive and loving which made the exprience even more wonderful. The food was delicious and the location was tranquille. I intend to replicate the experience in the near future.

Many thanks to the Acsauhaya center!


You can really feel that its all made with love2021-08-10T15:27:20+02:00

I cant describe how thankful I am to all the team who leaded this very special retreat. The whole time I felt supported by everyone, which comforted me a lot. The place and the house have a very positive energy and you have enough space to also be on your own for some time. You can really feel that its all made with love.

The food was perfect for the Ayahuasca diet and for me it was really good that there was also some food and a lot of fruits after the ceremonies, so you could give back your body all the needed energy. During the ceremonies there was beautiful life music, but also a very good chosen playlists which supports you a lot during your journey. Everything was coordinated very well and sensitively.

My journey was pretty tough with downs and highs, but I’m incredibly relieved and grateful for this experience. During and after the retreat I could let go a lot and feel way more free and light. I still notice the effects from the medicine in daily habits. It brought me further in my personal development and makes me much more aware with myself and my environment.

I am sure, it will help so many people! I can highly recommend to have this experience at Acsahuaya Retreat! I know for sure that I will come back to this beautiful place, to all the beautiful people and to progress on my own journey.


Acsauhaya are the real-deal2021-04-09T07:46:11+02:00

Before deciding to drink Ayahuasca, I had heard many times the importance of the shaman or group you choose to drink it with, as it can really make or break the experience, and in some cases can lead to very negative consequences if not chosen wisely.

The fact that Acsauhaya were affiliated with genuine Shipibo shamans was a very good sign to me. While none of the Shipibo shamans were present at my retreat due to covid restrictions, I can confirm that Acsuahaya are the real-deal; professional, compassionate, supportive, authentic, knowledgeable and open to learning from their participants as much as they provide learning. Taking what they have learnt from the shamans without copying, but making the experience more palatable for the Western psyche and specifically for people who are new to this experience.

I am hugely grateful to the team for what they have done for me, this was definitely the perfect introduction to using plant medicines specifically for healing and growth, and I am sure that for those who are ready, this will also be the perfect introduction for them too.

The Netherlands

It was a real life changer2021-02-28T15:55:39+01:00

I’m really happy I joined last weekend’s retreat, it was a real life changer.

I left with a lot of clarity and lightness, and since then I keep seeing positive change inside and around me (including further nerve regrowing, which is a true miracle). Now I look forward to continue integrating gently the experience, and practice a little more awareness everyday.

So thanks for your infinite patience, kindness, care and support during the whole healing process. You helped me a lot, and for that I am very grateful.

Empowering shift2021-02-28T15:46:56+01:00

I came to solve some of those childhood issues and to reconnect to myself, so I can heal from depression and stop wreaking havoc on my life and those around me. What I received was so much more, than I would have dreamt of.

Not only did I get the chance to be born again and grow up in the loving care of my mother and father, but I have been shown that I have chosen this life, so that everything that I have experienced was a choice I have made, even before I was born. Now that’s an empowering shift!
Everything that happened to me, was exactly what needed to happen to reach this point. To wake up to a higher awareness. I have read so much in the last years, but it never really reached my heart. Now I am flooded with a new kind of understanding, there’s so much truth in the words “learning by heart”!

Although I have read of shared Ayahuasca experiences, I never could have dreamt about the connection that I experienced with the others. I was shown how strong I actually am and how much strength there is in vulnerability. I was given the blueprint on how life should feel like, the love, the joy, the bliss and I know that this is how I want to live my life. I will not let anger and fear control my life ever again. I was shown what it means to love from a place of wholeness, instead of neediness. When you love from a place of wholeness, there’s no room for resentment, for judgment or expectation that the others behave in a certain way.

I reconnected with divinity and was shown that I too carry divinity inside of me.

So thank you all, you beautiful and gifted people, for doing this work, for being there for us, for helping us live again! You are amazing!

See you again soon!


I can honestly say that my stay here has been the best experience of my life2020-02-29T15:20:59+01:00

I can honestly say that my stay here has been the best experience of my life.

I came to acsauhaya looking for answers to the question I had about life and for the experience of ayahusca that I had heard so much about. I found the answers to the questions I had and a whole lot more.

The facilities and food here were excellent. There is food available whenever you want and to of a very high standard.

Everything about the ceremonies was delivered to an expert level. The location in the countryside was delightful and the area in which the ceremonies were conducted was divine! Elias the shaman was a true maestro.

I felt as safe as I could have felt while being here. Our hosts took the utmost care of us and were always on hand to provide whatever we needed!

Amazing staff & support!2020-02-29T14:40:29+01:00

A wonderful, nurturing experience. Amazing staff & support! It was very comfortable and loving experience

The ceremonies were fantastic. The yurt where the ceremonies took place was warm and comfortable. Elias, the shaman was very attentive and made me feel safe throughout the journeys, and his singing was beautiful!

I am grateful. Thank you!

It’s hard to put into words the impact of my time here and the journeys I traveled2020-02-11T11:22:50+01:00

It’s hard to put into words the impact of my time here and the journeys I traveled. My journeys were incredibly profound. I released my trauma, transcended time & space and connected to universal consciousness, resting in absolute love and compassion. I felt myself and every other living being in the universe!

The farmhouse felt like a home. It was very comfortable and cozy. The food was amazing! Even though we are on a strict diet, it didn’t feel restrictive. the meals were excellent and delicious.

The ceremonies were beautiful. The location was perfect, very cozy and comforting. Our shaman, Elias, radiated love and compassion. I felt so safe with him and his love and care surrounded me and made my journey safe and positive. His singing was so beautiful!


It was a very profound experience. I feel that I have begun a process of healing deep wounds that have been with me my whole life.2020-02-11T11:17:54+01:00

It was a very profound experience. I feel that I have begun a process of healing deep wounds that have been with me my whole life.

It’s difficult to convey with words, but the experience confirmed to me what the purpose of life is: to cultivate wholesome mind states and let go of unwholesome ones.

I found Elias, the shaman, incredibly loving, compassionate & intuitive. The guidance was very good and I felt very safe!

The food was delicious!


The healing I received from Elias, the shaman, felt magical and loving , like I was being filled with light.2022-01-21T12:25:17+01:00
The environment is warm and loving. the team is doing a wonderful job of making everyone feel welcome and a part of a safe group. The healing I received from Elias, the shaman, felt magical and loving , like I was being filled with light. I am fully committed to keeping up this work and being the best person that I can be, more compassionate and loving with all people! Ravi Dubai
It was a profound experience. The Shaman, Elias, is a very kind and experienced man!2020-02-11T11:10:21+01:00

It was a profound experience. The Shaman, Elias, is a very kind and experienced man!

The Netherlads

So Happy To Have Found This Place!2022-01-21T12:26:24+01:00
So Happy To Have Found This Place! I had been wanting to try Ayahuasca for many years. Even whilst visiting Peru, around the Cusco area, I was hesitant to try it, as I wanted to be sure the shaman conducting the ceremonies was legitimate and experienced and the right kind of person. There are many cautionary tales of things going wrong for innocent travellers. So, I was wary. I found Acsauhaya online, and spent some time making sure I read all the information. I felt this was the opportunity for me. I was welcomed warmly by the team at the retreat and given all the information I would need to make my stay comfortable. The food is great and cooked and served with love. The accommodation is comfortable. The Yurt, where the ceremonies take place, is warm and creates a good environment to feel held, safely. The actual ceremonies I had were with the shaman Elias. I immediately felt a good connection with him, aided by his wife, Martina, they were truly awesome. In control, calm, powerful and when needed easy to smile and be comforting. Afterwards, each participant was cared for and helped to feel safe and ready to return to the house. The group sat around chatting and having fun with the team and when ready we went to sleep. When it was time to leave, the group had bonded and we shared deep, life-changing experiences. I feel a great closeness with them all, now. I heartily recommend this experience. They are all great people with lots of knowledge and experience. My greatest compliment is that I have booked the next available retreat and will be returning soon. Peter UK
I’m amazed and grateful to the plant and the work that you all do!2020-01-14T14:20:22+01:00

I just wanted to say thank you. The ayahuasca experience has really helped and put things into perspective for me. I’m feeling better and better every day! I’m so clear minded and focused 🙏🏼 I’m amazed and grateful to the plant and the work that you all do. You are all amazing people!

The work of Elias, the shaman was super impressive!2020-01-14T14:19:09+01:00

I can surely call my experience at Acsauhaya a very interesting journey. After leaving the retreat I felt very good and very confident in myself.

In my first ceremony I learned that I should allow more people into my life and trust them. I experienced true love and at that point it was clear to me what I was missing in life. I also learned that the skin condition I have, has a direct link with the wellbeing of my soul. The neck pain that I was suffering from is not entirely gone, but it got much better.

My second ceremony was completely different, much more intense and deep. I met with shadow sides of my ego, which was a pretty scary thing to do and far from comfortable, however, looking back now, I experience it as very healing. The work of Elias (your shaman) was super impressive. I truly understood the nature of his work and it was amazing to feel his guidance throughout the ceremony.

One more time many thanks to the whole Acsauhaya team and to the shaman – Elias!

The Shamans were astounding!2022-01-21T12:28:11+01:00
To whomever may be reading this review, an important message follows: I write this after 5 ayahuasca experiences at Acsauhaya during 2019, with two different shamans: Ascencia (with Santos) and Elias (with Martina)… and I know I am going to find it difficult to find the words to describe how utterly essential it is for anyone feeling called to this purpose, to ensure that they take the next step and DO IT!!!! As a person who typically does an insane amount of research on anything he is about to do or buy, I decided that Acsauhaya in Holland was the place… and how right I was…! Perfect place, perfect set-up, simply amazing people who I now regard as friends… providing the “real deal”… with immense love, great care, and total professionalism… The Shamans were… astounding… the power they have! On my last visit, I found Elias to be incredibly adaptive to the different energies of the various nights in the yurt… no two were the same… but each one was absolutely perfect… not just for me, but for everyone who was there…! The experiences ranged from intensely deep to heart-weepingly beautiful, and of course… it goes without saying that they were life changing… My time at Acsauhaya was perfect… everything they do, and how they do it provided me with the safest, most loving and supporting space for me to receive the deepest healing imaginable. Every question I had was answered, I saw everything I always wished… A lifetime of self-enquiry has been silenced… and I now know my life purpose. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!! Thank you Elias and Martina. Thank you Barin Mane, Malinda, Anna, Marijke, and Shai. Thank you also to Remco, for a final night sound healing… which took me completely by surprise… it was in equal measure powerful and exquisitely beautiful… I will truly never forget that night… My deepest Love to all. Sheldon UK
Thank you to everyone at the retreat!! You truly are the most amazing, selfless people I have ever met!2019-12-11T14:15:22+01:00

What an awesome journey! My intention was to remember who I was and ayahuasca really was only the starting point. I’m slowly finding my path and more courage everyday. I really have you guys to thank for helping me get on this path and I’ll never forget your care and kindness.

The retreat itself was amazing. It felt so homely and safe. It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve been and I still can’t get over the amount of care and love all the staff gave throughout the entire experience. They are there giving their all, 24 hours a day, when ever you need them, always with a smile on their face or with a good laugh. There is a real sense of togetherness especially at the table with the home cooked food. It’s like spending Christmas with your family.

The shaman Ronald was everything I was looking for. He radiated positive energy and I really trusted him with my journey. He did not disappoint. Watching him work was truly magical and it makes me emotional every time I think of him during ceremony. He really is an amazing man and it’s unbelievable what he is doing for this world.

I’m so grateful for this retreat and for taking part in ayahuasca. Ayahuasca itself was really the starting point of my journey and because of it, I have been able to make profound changes in my life in order to overcome social anxiety. I feel more connected with myself and so much more open to new experiences. I really feel life is only beginning for me at the age of 30 and I’m so excited for what is to come.

Thank you to everyone at the retreat!! You truly are the most amazing, selfless people I have ever met!! I am so grateful for the work that you are doing and I’m so grateful for the changes you helped me achieve in my own life. I’m so looking forward to returning sometime in the future.

All the best and with lots of love, Maria
I would highly recommend Acsauhaya to anyone who is ready for this experience!2022-01-21T12:29:29+01:00
My experience at Acsauhaya was life changing! I felt so connected with my group even though we were complete strangers just a few days ago. The team was so accommodating as facilitators to the ceremonies and they were in tune with providing every possible thing that the group needed. This is a perfect location, surrounded by sounds of nature, and the ceremony yurt creates a perfect environment for this experience. I would highly recommend acsauhaya to anyone who is ready for this experience! The sleeping accommodations were comfortable and the food was delicious fresh and healthy! I loved it that Asencia and Santos, the shamans, gave each member individual healing during the ceremony. The music we listened to after the ceremony was perfect for putting me at ease and allowing me to reflect The beautiful team made sure that everyone was accompanied when leaving the ceremony yurt, and they were there to help with any concern. Stephen Czech Republic
It was a life changing experience, A journey I will never forget!2019-11-21T09:39:56+01:00

It was a beautiful experience surrounded by inspiring people. The experience was very personal and introspective, yet simultaneously shared and collecting. In many ways it feels like a rebirth, and I am excited to return to normal life with a new found vibrancy. The healing process has begun!

The facilities were perfect. I felt very comfortable. It is a very peaceful and loving setting. The food was Delicious!

The ceremony yurt was warm and inviting, the shamans were extraordinary! The music soothing and the guidance reassuring. It was a life changing experience, A journey I will never forget!

The shaman was amazing! Very experienced and totally dedicated to lead each one of us real healing2019-11-21T09:35:53+01:00

All the ayahuasca experiences, the setup and the environment were perfect to help me figure my whole life, cleanse me and get me on my path towards fulfilling my purpose. Thank you Acsauhaya!

The food was very good and healthy. The place is located in a very green area, where you feel totally connected to nature and give you peace.

The shaman was amazing! Very experienced and totally dedicated to lead each one of us real healing. The ceremonies were a very well thought of, and the last day sound healing cereomny helped me recover from the overwhelming experience and ground back to earthly reality.

Each person here benefited in their own individual way, and got personal attention from the shaman2019-11-21T09:31:14+01:00

Wow – what a journey! and it’s only just begun. It’s been amazing, life changing! I highly recommend, especially with the wonderful shaman Asencia.

The setting is ideal, nature surrounds you and make you feel tranquil. The whole experience is very well thought of – THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Each person here benefited in their own individual way, and got personal attention from the shaman, both in the ceremonies and in the group sharing sessions, specific to their own issues and reasons for coming here

The Acsauhaya team is just wonderful, highly professional, experienced and passionate!2019-09-10T10:24:55+02:00

The Acsauhaya team is just wonderful, highly professional, experienced, passionate and showing a constant, attentive, loving and caring presence, creating a completely safe environment for the retreat. The ceremonies were as safe as they were powerful and extremely well guided.

Although I felt like having already been in the places she took me, Ayahuasca appeared to be a incredible door opener; opening the senses, the heart, the soul, ways to the unconscious, the mind and individual consciousness for what appeared to be, a deep personal experience, towards a sense of universal love and consciousness in a collective approach.

I was amazed and am deeply grateful to mother ayahuasca for having let me lived and experienced which was for me, beautiful psychic journeys through consciousness time, space and sound. The ability of the plant and its spirit to show us what we have to see at that time on the physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, energetic and spiritual levels was an incredible revelation. The group dynamic happening during the week was also a very interesting; witnessing the diversity of everyone’s experience evolving day by day was for me a great source of learning. Witnessing how mother ayahuasca and the retreat process was progressively and lovingly working on everyone was in that sense amazing, showing how this medicine can trigger strong insights with an accurate efficiency. During the ceremonies, music was also and obviously a cosmic gift; actually I’ve always been felling this way about sound and music… While Ronald drumming and singing moments were opening many doors to me and helping me connect deeply and merging with the spiritual world, Chai’s beautiful guitar playing was bringing sonic showers of light and love. Beautiful.

Please read in these words with my entire humility and gratitude along with my deep happiness of being one of the breathing particles of this cosmic structure, just as every single element composing the harmony of the universe. I can say that I come out of this retreat with many elements that will (and are already) for sure bring many positive insights and perspectives in my personal, spiritual and professional life and researches.

The rhythm of the week was also perfect; ceremonies in the evening, group sharing in the morning and time to meditate, walk and play music in between.

This experience has been one of the most profound things I have ever done in my life2019-08-21T08:04:14+02:00

This experience has been one of the most profound things I have ever done in my life, and will stay with me for this whole lifetime. Thank you Acsauhaya!

I can here without expectation but the experience somehow surpassed anything I could have thought of. The team was amazing, they created an atmosphere of safety, vulnerability, openness and love. The live music in the ceremonies was incredible.

The facilities are exactly what is needed. You have the right amount of space that allows personal time and sharing space. The food was great. The Yurt was the perfect space for the ceremonies. The shaman was incredible and created a safe, yet vulnerable space to give in and surrender. The guides were incredible and guided us perfectly through our individual journeys to help us discover ourselves and answer personal questions.

Music- IT WAS TRULY INCREDIBLE . Shai’s music releases emotions and heals, making you feel safe and calm. The music “battle” between the shaman and Shai is what got me to work on myself and find answers. TRULY BEAUTIFUL!

The medicine gave me deep insights into my inner workings2019-08-21T08:04:55+02:00

The team and the process was amazing, I always felt safe and supported. The medicine gave me deep insights into my inner workings and I feel they will help me on my way to a happier, richer and more meaningful life!

The rooms and the facilities were great, the surroundings of the retreat are calm and make you feel close to nature. The food was good and healthy, served at the right times and felt very satisfying.

The staff made me feel very safe and supported. they were very knowledgeable , and great musicians too! The space they have created in the ceremony tent was warm, welcoming and safe.

The shaman did an amazing job at guiding us and the team was always there to give us support2019-08-21T08:05:08+02:00

My overall experience has been very positive. I met amazing people I became very close with after a short amount of time. The journeys were hard at times, but I learned a lot about myself and I am so happy to have had the courage to come here. I would definitely come again.

The facilities were great. It feels like you are home, with beautiful rooms and showers in an old dutch farmhouse. The food was great also, Healthy vegan meals and plenty of options for breakfast.

The ceremonies were beautiful. Ronald, the shaman, did an amazing job at guiding us and the team was always there to give us support.

Thank you for healing me! This is really a priceless experience that has helped me so much!2019-08-21T07:42:41+02:00

My overall experience is amazing. At the first ceremony I cried a lot and I heard myself really loud in my head. Before I came here I had a rock in my stomach, but when I saw all the people I have hurt (in my journey), I understood that the rock was my guilt for all the I have done. I kept saying to myself that I have to apologize these people. Realizing this made my rock go away. I felt so free. Going through this, ad other things I saw and understood with myself, felt so good and healing, with all the support and guidance from the Acsauhaya team. Thank you!

The facilities were very good. My room was cozy and nice. Very clean and beautiful, relaxing. The food was great!

The location is great, surrounded by nature, with a lot of space. The shaman was amazing, very down to earth, and funny as well! Very wise. The live music in the ceremonies was AMAZING! thank you all for that! The guidance by the team was amazing.

Both the ceremony Yurt and the house felt really good. I felt that I was in good hands and I could be both with other people and with myself. I felt very safe and open during the ceremonies and the sharing sessions.

Thank you for healing me! This is really a priceless experience that has helped me so much!

The overall experience at Acsauhaya felt like the best of both worlds2022-01-21T12:30:11+01:00
The overall experience at Acsauhaya felt like the best of both worlds. The ceremonies were healing, and I got from them exactly what I needed. I received clarity on issues I needed to solve and answers to questions I had. When things got hard and I felt lost, I was guided by Roland (the Shaman), and was lifted by Shai’s beautiful music. Sofia guided me on how to move forward in my journey and I felt so much safety and compassion from the presence of Malinda and Barin Mane. The team are here to give guidance exactly when we needed. The comfort I felt while being here is hard to put into words. It is more than what I could have hoped for and exactly what was needed. The way the ceremonies are performed here at Acsauhaya allowed me to go through the journey in a way where I could face my demons and deal with hard, dark truths but in a gentle way. Ronald as a shaman always kept me grounded, gently helping me. It really felt like our safety was the highest priority of the team. whenever I felt uneasy, there was always one of the team members by my side. No matter how hard things got I always felt safe. Amal UK
Mother ayahuasca was so gentle and loving, and gave me all the care and love that I was lacking in my childhood2019-08-05T16:21:37+02:00

Wow! I recieved so much love, and re-experienced my birth. Mother ayahuasca was so gentle and loving, and gave me all the care and love that I was lacking in my childhood.

I felt that my journey was very specific and personal, I could really connect…A lot of things were revealed about me.I had lots of realizations and acceptance.

My last day was about giving away my anxiety and it was very very scary but at the same time it brought me so much relief. Miracles are happening here!

The food was amazing! the location felt very sacred. The team is incredible. I was guided and helped so much. Sophia was my hero and I don’t know how I would have made it without her. The shaman was great, I really connected with his music. Shai’s guitar playing touched me deep in the soul and helped me to heal!

The Acsauhaya team made me feel completely safe. I couldn’t ask for more. I always felt that I am being looked after, especially in the harder times. You are doing an amazing job!

The shaman guided me to connect and fully immerse in my journey2019-08-05T16:22:15+02:00

Having arrived without knowing what to expect, and feeling nervous and anxious, I was immediately put at ease. Everything the team did to keep the process moving was beautifully organized, yet very relaxed. The ceremonies themselves were beautiful, and the experience was unique and truly profound. I will always be grateful for my visit here, and would 100% recommend a visit.

The farmhouse is simple and very comfortable. The food was delicious and fresh. The ceremony yurt was really special. I felt very much at home.

The ceremonies were calm, supportive, joyous and uplifting. The shaman guided me to connect and fully immerse in my journey.

The team made sure that we were all held in an environment which made me feel 100% safe. It felt very warm and open.

The fear and anxieties I had were overcome through the support, care and attention given from the team2019-08-05T16:21:19+02:00

An amazing journey. The fear and anxieties I had were overcome through the support, care and attention given from the team in the ceremonies, as well as before and after. I feel that I have a clear and powerful understanding of how Ayahuasca helped to heal my body.

The facilities were very cozy and clean. The beds were comfortable, bathrooms clean, kitchen facilities were also great. The food was amazing! Thank you so much for taking care of my dietary needs.

Every ceremony was different. I felt very connected to Ayahuasca, to the shaman, the live music and the people around me. The music, both the Shaman’s Icaros and the guitar music were magical at these moments. It was very beautiful

The support I felt from the staff was great. Their understanding of our process and acceptance of whatever we needed allowed me to be open about my fears and I felt that it was safe to talk about all of it. This was a big change for me as I often struggle with asking for help or involving others in my problems. Their support was amazing. Thank you!

I feel like a much happier and calmer person now2019-08-05T16:09:45+02:00

Absolutely amazing! I feel like a different, and much happier and calmer person now. There were ups and downs during the ceremonies themselves but this was a beautiful part of the process. The team was wonderful and supportive in every way. They made me feel very safe and heard, and if I needed anything I only had to ask. It was a perfect experience and I would not change a thing.

The food was so healthy and yummi. The facilities are nice and comfortable. You can choose to socialize or to have space and be by yourself in different places in the facility. There was always some food available if you were hungry at non-meal times as well.

The music in the ceremonies was beautiful – I can’t wait for the soundtrack! Guidance could not have been more helpful. So much love and support from every person in the staff.

I felt completely safe. It felt like if I needed anything I only had to ask

I have no doubt that this place will heal so many people! It was a beautiful experience and for those who feel called, I highly recommend it

Czech republic
Ayahuasca showed me my life in a clear & unconfused way2019-07-29T14:24:42+02:00

The ayahuasca journeys were complex and difficult. they were about deep personal development. Ayahuasca showed me my life in a clear & unconfused way. Ayahuasca taught me many lessons, over and over again, showing me where my pride & arrogance were hurting other people and myself, showing me how to be honest with myself, and behave in a more kind way.

The Acsauhaya team is amazing! loving and caring. The live music during ceremonies was amazing. The food was healthy and good. Thank you!

United Arab Emirates
I could feel the Ayahuasca working on me and healing me on deep, cellar level2019-07-29T14:12:06+02:00

It was mind blowing! A mixture of spiritual, emotional and physical experience. Even when I felt very physically sick throughout the second ceremony, I could feel the Ayahuasca working on me and healing me on deep, cellar level! The other ceremonies were filled with love, forgiveness and acceptance.

After the difficult purging I was lifted so high, and my body felt super light. I was free from pain, free from suffering, anxiety and fear. I experienced complete peace, light and bliss.

The food was fresh and delicious. The location in nature is beautiful and spacious. The Yurt was the perfect place to experience Ayahuasca, and the music from Ronald the shaman, and Shai the guitarist, was magical. The guidance during ceremonies was perfect!

Abu Dhabi
I cried tears of joy for the first time in my life. Reborn2019-07-29T14:02:42+02:00

Transformative and frightening (but in a good way).

Soul destroying and rebuilding. I feel a much needed freedom! I can now feel emotions again. I cried tears of joy for the first time in my life. Reborn

The food was fresh and made with much love. All of the team members were so patient and compassionate. True magicians. Everything was perfect. I am humbled

I’m leaving this place with so much love and deep heartfelt gratitude2019-07-23T09:25:28+02:00

I loved the shaman Ronald! He felt to me totally dedicated, involved, loving and also gave such wise and usable feedback, and what a voice! I love him

The environment in Acsauhaya felt completely relaxed , generous and non judgmental. It was perfect for me.

The food has been perfect, tasty, healthy and always available

I’m leaving this place with so much love and deep heartfelt gratitude

The team was very supportive and kind, and created an environment of trust2019-07-22T12:59:53+02:00

The experience was life changing. I came here feeling lost, struggling to be happy within myself. I was always overthinking. not anymore! Ayahuasca has taught me to love and care for myself and be more open and loving to others. I won’t touch another cigarette again! We only have one body, one chance on this planet and I need to make the most out of it, instead of slowly killing myself, stressing myself and thinking about the past and the future. From now on I will just live in the present moment.

The facilities were great, beautiful house and garden, very peaceful. The food was fantastic! especially the soups from Malinda! Everything was very healthy and delicious.

The ceremonies were out of this world. The yurt was beautiful and well crafted, it created the perfect space to go on the ayahuasca journey. Ronald the shaman was fantastic, I had total trust in him, his energy was great. he seemed like the happiest man on the planet, always laughing and smiling. His music was also tremendous, it took you on a magical journey through your mind which got pretty intense at times. The music from Shai and Malinda was something else, it took you to these heavenly places.

Throughout my stay at Acsauhaya, there was not a single time where I was concerned about my safety or the safety of the others who were journeying with me. The team was very supportive and kind, and created an environment of trust.

My 5 days here have been some of the best days of my life! I have met some fantastic people who I hope to stay in touch with!

Compassionate and loving atmosphere2019-07-22T12:48:57+02:00

An emotional roller coaster, with a compassionate and loving atmosphere from everybody in the Acsauhaya team. I have never felt so much at home before!

I have learned so much about myself, the illusions in my mind and from everybody here. this journey has opened my heart! :)

Ronald (the Shaman) is a genuinely caring and compassionate person who is very much in tune with how everybody is feeling and knows hot to guide us through the journey.

The live music during the ceremonies was amazing! Shai is so talented on the guitar and Malinda’s voice is angelic.

The food was amazing and inspired me to become vegetarian and to learn to cook and make soups like you guys. The house and facilities are perfect, I could have lived here for the rest of my life!

Acsauhaya is the real deal, no need to go to the Amazon!2022-01-21T12:32:06+01:00
What I experienced is beyond anything I can put into words! I have never felt so much love and I feel humble and honored to have done this experience with such beautiful group of people. Acsauhaya is the real deal, no need to go to the Amazon! the shaman from Peru was authentic and had the power and presence which made me feel as if I was in the jungle. his voice and Icaros were so powerful and will stay with me forever. Most importantly, I felt safe at all times, the care and attention from Ronald watching over us, guiding us and listening to our sharing was priceless. Malinda and Shai are pure love, their care and attention for each of us is very special. their love will be with me forever. Shai’s guitar playing is a heaven’s gift and the combination of the Shaman’s drums and Icaros and Shai’s guitar is an experience not to be missed. Malinda’s voice is of an angel , the combination of all of these made me feel is if they were singing my story. I felt safe 100% of the time. Barin Mane is very caring and all the time have an eye on us and was checking that I am ok. Sofia helped me so much when I was having emotionally hard times, I am forever grateful for her for making me feel safe and reassuring I would be ok. Astrid UK
A magical experience2022-01-21T12:33:41+01:00
First of all, many thanks to the entire Acsauhaya team for this wonderful experience. My gratitude is hard to express in words. I wish everyone could once experience what I was allowed to experience in my ceremony. It’s like a gateway to paradise for those that dare to look, open and pass through it. For me, the Acsauhaya team consists of pioneers of change, whose work is global and can lead our world to a better place. This work can not be appreciated enough. You have to experience a ceremony for yourself in order to be able to assess the significance of this experience. The whole retreat is well thought out and organized from arrival to departure. The team and everything else is very well matched and coordinated and my whole stay was a pleasure. I always had the feeling that the organizers know what they are doing. They were relaxed and focused in every situation. This is certainly a result of the many years of experience of Barin Mane and the shaman. Ronald, the shaman, is a warm-hearted, relaxed and friendly person. He really wants to help and meet people at eye level. I felt I could really let go, trust and open me for the experience, which is generally quite difficult for me. If I had to describe the ceremonies in one word, I would say: magical. I have experienced and seen so many incredible things in the yurt. It was like another world full of joy, magic and adventure. I have experienced profound healing and have been liberated from a depression and anxieties that I have suffered from for years. For which I am eternally grateful. I wish the team of Acsauhaya much success and wide distribution, so that as many people as possible can enjoy their work. Johannes Germany
I saw so many visions , at the end I saw a universe of love numbers, colors and vibrations.2019-07-09T10:04:26+02:00

It was a very progressive, purifying experience. The organizers were very friendly and attentive. The music was wonderful. The shaman was very approachable. He is a warm ayahuasquero with a big heart! He made an effort to listen to everybody.

I saw so many visions , at the end I saw a universe of love numbers, colors and vibrations.

The group dynamic was warm and supportive. the experience made me appreciate people and nature in a complete different way

The house is very nice as is the land around it. The yurt is very nice in terms of design. the food was superb!

The music and singing played by Shai and Malinda was soothing to the group. you could feel the love coming from them.

South Koreak
Barin Mane and his whole team were amazing, giving so much love and trust2022-01-21T12:12:30+01:00
Barin Mane and his whole team were amazing, giving so much love and trust and made me feel comfortable straight away There was no ego around and I could learn a lot from their behavior for my own personal development. The food was great! The tent was creating a magic atmosphere. The combination of the Shaman’s Icaros and Shai’s guitar music was leading me to focus on different areas perfectly. Ayahuasca is a medicine that helps you to face your problems and fears much deeper than with a normal psychologist. I got many answers to my questions and will never want to miss that experience Daniel Germany
The Shaman was really humble and beautiful person2019-07-09T09:52:21+02:00

Mother Ayahuasca has re-birthed me as a whole person. I will be forever grateful for this experience. I now feel at peace, at last, and excited for the future.

The Shaman was really humble and beautiful person. He was very knowledgeable of what everyone was going through. His energy was powerful in every ceremony. He had so much enthusiasm even after 25 years of doing this. He made time to speak to everyone who wanted to speak to him privately which was lovely.

This retreat setting is beautiful and peaceful. The house gives enough room to hangout with the group and places to go to if you need time to be on your own and process. The food was really amazing and made with love!

Ronald, The shaman, was a channel of spirit, guiding us throughout the ceremony.2022-01-21T12:10:30+01:00
Doing Ayahuasca is always an intense and fulfilling experience, and I feel it is very important that it is done in a safe place with qualified people taking care of you, especially for those drinking Ayahuasca for the first time. The Acsauhaya team provide an excellent environment and the presence of a shaman in the ceremony definitely makes a difference, as he is channeling the healing spirit of Ayahuasca and focuses on the people who need extra help. To me, the basis of Ayahuasca (or any spiritual practice) is letting go of the ego control, increasingly trusting God/ Higher Power, and removing the obstacles to harmony and Love. In the time after the weekend experience, I feel the difference in being ever more relaxed and confident about life. So thank you! The food was prepared with a lot of love , The place is very specious, and one has enough space to spend time in quiet if needed. The staff, and especially Barin Mane were helping a lot, providing a strong masculine energy that made the group feel safe. Bojo Belgium
The place is so loving and caring. I felt very safe and could face the darkest parts of me2019-06-25T10:24:12+02:00

The shaman, staff and place feels are totally loving and caring. This made me feel safe and allowed me to face the darkest, weakest parts of me.

All the participants were really respected and taken care of whenever they needed.
The Acsauhaya team is very professional and always knew what to do.The live music in the ceremonies was amazing. Food was always available and was delicious and healthy.

The shaman was really with us, he connected with all of the participants personally and was very helpful and reassuring.

The communication with the team and the other participants was very open and strong, and was a big part of the retreat.

The house is bright and welcoming. The garden is beautiful as well.


Life changing! I am going home as someone completely transformed.2019-06-25T10:26:11+02:00

Life changing! I am going home as someone completely transformed. I want to live again but a healthy lifestyle that I am so looking forward to.

It’s like I am seeing everything for the first time again, appreciating small things in nature, wanting to share the new me with family & friends. I am so happy & amazed that I feel so good and am now scared of drugs and just want to be me.

I cannot speak highly enough about this place, the staff feels like family.they cook the food with their hearts. the facility and location is amazing and beautiful. I am enjoying food I would never normally eat. I am very sad to say goodbye to this place and the people working here.

The ceremonies were beautiful and felt very trusting. I had a hard experience for the first two ceremonies, the third was bliss and laughter. But it was exactly what I needed as I have been so close to death so many times.

I don’t think I have ever felt more safe that as I did here, as I found the first 2 ceremonies hard. There was always one of the staff with me, holding me, reassuring me, speaking comfort into my ears or even just being silent and holding me until I was ok.

The team have put so much thought into the care of the participants here. You can feel it was all done with so much love from their hearts. It feels so good here that you don’t want to leave. I wouldn’t change a thing and I wish this place and the staff big success as they deserve it because they truly want to help the people that come here.


The shaman was definitely genuine and experienced, and really understood all of the participants2019-06-25T10:27:55+02:00

A very humbling experience, the group had come from many different backgrounds to look for many different answers.

In the process of healing ourselves we supported each other through our journey with ayahuasca and many magical moments happened that will stay with me forever.

The location is beautiful , the shaman was definitely genuine and experienced, and really understood each participant as an individual and gave guidance when it was needed.

The team members were always in the right pace at the right time.

I wouldn’t change a thing. Perfect!


The ceremony DRAMATICALLY changed me and returned me back!2022-01-21T12:07:19+01:00
Thank you soooooo much. The ceremony DRAMATICALLY changed me and returned me back! Such deep depression completely destroyed me. Especially last half year, when I lost all hope to ever come out of it. I wasn’t alive… For years I forgot feelings, state of soul – how to be out of depression. If I compare this to the new me now, I realize how deep I was in this critical depression. During the ceremony I had to fight, it was a tough process. But it is NOTHING – now I see what I have NOW! I am free from everything now, what I carried in myself for a while. You gave me a new life! My back… Ever since the ceremony no pain at all!!! Wow!! Thank you and Mother Ayahuasca for healing me inside my body! In a short time you and all the people I met in your house became so close for me – like family. I have received unbelievable support, care and love from you all!!! Was very sad leaving you… Miss you!! Angela Germany
Ronald was amazing in guiding the ceremonies2019-06-19T12:55:58+02:00

Very deep experience, extremely visual. The experience was challenging mentally and emotionally and the organizers were very supportive, helpful and reassuring, during the whole retreat.

Ronald was amazing in guiding the ceremonies with his music and singing. He helped me feel relaxed, let go and go very deep in the the ayahuasca experience.



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