Live music during ceremonies

Live music is an integral part of our ceremonies. We have a unique team of talented, sensitive musicians who support the healing work of mother ayahuasca with loving, positive frequencies.

The experience of music while under the influence of ayahuasca is completely different than in a normal state of consciousness. With the energetical openings and consciousness expansion that ayahuasca provides, participants experience the music as moving inside their bodies, connecting them with the elements, helping them moving energy and connecting them with their source.

Our live music repertoire includes traditional world music in various languages – Sanskrit, Ethiopian, Gaelic, Spanish, Hebrew and more, as well as original instrumental music that was composed by our musicians, inspired by their own ayahuasca journeys and the journeys they have guided.

Marieke – Moonlight

Marieke & Nikos are a guitar & vocal duo. Their presence in the ceremonies is gentle and uplifting. They sing in various languages, and bring joy, light and calmness to the ceremony yurt.

The angelic voice of Marieke & passionate guitar sounds from Nikos help reminding you of your source, inner strength, and the unconditional love the prevails beneath everything. They bring a sense of lightness and safety to the profound, vulnerable process of inner cleansing and healing.

Fralalai – Cantus lavuentae

“Fralalai” is an Italian harp player / singer-songwriter, who explores different styles and languages in a cross-cultural journey which connects our modern times with the ancient worlds. Her music is infused with dreamy Celtic atmospheres, with the emotional intensity of Mediterranean and Middle eastern tones and with the depth of shamanistic chanting.

She performs mainly with her Celtic harp and voice, as well as with other instruments such as lyre, frame drum and kalimba. She sings in a variety of existing languages, including what she calls “channelled languages”: abstract words that she uses to evoke and to touch the heart, by stepping out of the boundaries of the mind.

Her performances lead to enchanted inner journeys, which allow you to reconnect with your emotions and with Nature, and to celebrate your soul.”

At Acsauhaya, Fralalai accompanies the ceremonies by shaping an improvised music journey which forms in the energy of the moment and through the presence of the participants.

Fralali’s website:

Handmade gemstone bracelet

As a special memento of the retreat, each participant will receive a stunning handmade gemstone bracelet from crafted with care and intention to serve as a tangible reminder of the transformative experience shared together.