Psilocybin and Magic Truffles are a process

“Psilocybin offers an opportunity to work on blockages and patterns that are not longer serving.”

We often say the process of change, development, and healing begins as soon as you decide to attend a retreat – even before you come to Holland for your ceremony! This process starts with your intention to heal, evolve, and let go of blockages and patterns that you wish to be free from. Often these are deep-seated within the subconscious, repressed, and hidden in the dark.

Opening the door to a new world

When you participate in a psychedelic experience, you go through a process of consciousness expansion. Insights, knowledge, and multiple perspectives all become available through this expansion – essentially showing you what you were previously unable to see. This expanded view is where many people find healing as new understandings are acknowledged and unlocked.

Leading up to the ceremony, it is normal to feel a lot of apprehension and other difficult emotions, such as fear and depression, as a part of you is aware of how this experience may change your whole outlook of life and your energetical system. This is scary as it is a journey into the unknown and although we wish to release long held patterns and beliefs, there is often a feeling of comfort associated with them as they are familiar. It is also possible that the fear is related to certain emotions or experiences we do not wish to be confronted with or revisit. This too is very normal.

Psilocybin empowers you with a high degree of inner knowledge and power. It is the key that opens the door to a hidden world of emotions and perceptions, helping you to understand and learn from them so you can gain mastery of your inner state.

man is discovering a new world and entering a door into the universe

Psilocybin and Magic Truffles aren’t magic pills (or brews)

Although an experience with psilocybin or magic truffles can be transformative, it cannot achieve this on its own. A strong commitment to the work and willingness to participate with this medicine, through trust and surrender, is crucial to the process. By using psilocybin as a tool, rather than a cure, we understand that what we get out of the experience is dependant on what we put in.

The real transformation starts after your retreat

The ceremony marks the beginning of your journey towards healing and transformation. This journey continues when you return back into daily life. Here is where you will have the opportunity to put into practice the lessons, insights, and new perspectives given to you within your magic truffles experience.

This is what we call the ‘integration phase’ and during this time you can really consolidate new habit patterns and modes of being. During this time you have the opportunity to build empowerment as you choose how you want to interact with your environment and experience reality: you are free to either continue to act and make decisions as you did before, relying on old patterns, or begin to consciously implement true transformation beginning with the lessons received during the ceremony.

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“We only achieve true growth by implementing the psilocybin lessons step-by-step.”

In order to get most out of this process, we recommend to:

  • Take plenty of time for and with yourself (many people feel a need to spend time alone in nature)
  • Implement a practice to quiet your mind (e.g. meditation, yoga, mindfulness)
  • Maintain a healthy diet (many people feel a need to eat more fruits and veggies and less/no meat)
  • Take time to reflect (keep a diary, write, talk, whatever works for you)
  • Be more conscious of who you allow into “your space” (try to connect more to those who are good for you and beneficial for your personal healing process and less to those who are not; allow yourself to set boundaries)
  • Make time and space for yourself and integrate things into your life that really bring you joy (such as playing sports, creating music, reading, cooking, hiking or other things that make you feel good)
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To get the full potential of this transformational process a true commitment to the inner work is required. It is also important to cultivate the right environment and people around you to surround yourself with love and care. Since we know from experience what impact this process can have on people’s lives, our support goes beyond the ceremony itself. We view preparation and integration as an essential and we are available for you throughout the entire process.

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