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New! 5 day Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat
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“Ancient Amazonian shamanism & plant medicine right at your European doorstep”

Important COVID19 Update

As a consequence of the travel and public gatherings restrictions due to the COVID19 virus, we had to postpone the retreats that were planned to be facilitated by our Peruvian shamans (Peru is in lockdown). Instead, we are offering a few exclusive, intimate retreats (8 participants max) , led by the Dutch Maestros René (Barin Mane) and Shurandy .

The retreats include full accommodation, fresh vegetarian meals, private and group sharing circles , 2 ayahuasca ceremonies and an integration toolkit!

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Available Retreat Dates

Available dates:
June 11-13 – 3 day ayahuasca healing retreat
(3 spots left)
June 25-29 – 5 day ayahuasca & san pedro healing retreat (fully booked)
July 2-4 – 3 day ayahuasca healing retreat
(5 spots left)
July 9-11 – 3 day ayahuasca healing retreat
(3 spots left)
July 16-18 – 3 day ayahuasca healing retreat
(5 spots left)
July 23-27 – 5 day ayahuasca & san pedro healing retreat (fully booked)
August 6-8 – 3 day ayahuasca healing retreat
(5 spots left)
August 13-15 – 3 day ayahuasca healing retreat
(4 spots left)
August 27-31 – 5 day ayahuasca & san pedro healing retreat (4 spots left)
September 3-5 – 3 day ayahuasca healing retreat
September 10-12 – 3 day ayahuasca healing retreat
September 17-19 – 3 day ayahuasca healing retreat
September 24-28 – Women retreat! – 5 day ayahuasca & san pedro healing retreat (3 spots left)

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“Ayahuasca shows us that the true path of healing lies in gently confronting our shadow, not by avoiding our inner conflicts.”

Maestro Curandero René (Barin Mane)

René’s devotion and dedication to ayahuasca are incomparable with any other European ayahuasca facilitator. He discovered the sacred medicine in 2008, which changed his life completely, and ever since then he has been dedicated to the mission of providing ayahuasca in the most professional, safe and respectful setting possible.

René has led hundreds of ceremonies in the Netherlands in the past decade (mostly in the well-known ayahuasca center om-mij”, which René founded), guiding thousands of people in their journeys. He has also trained many other ayahuasca facilitators, and helped setting up new centers, spreading his knowledge, safety and quality standards.

Along the way he also started travelling to the jungles of Peru ,to meet traditional shamans, to learn from them and to invite them to Holland, in order to build a bridge between South America and Europe.
While working day after day with these traditional ayahuasca maestros, he learned the shipibo wisdom and knowledge of working with ayahuasca, and was even initiated by Maestra Doña Asencia Sánchez Canayo from the Shipibo tribe, who gave him his shipibo name – Barin Mane, which means “the one who radiant like the sun”.

René’s approach to guiding ceremonies is unique and is a result of his vast experience, and the knowledge he received from the traditional, shipibo shamans. René does not try to copy the Peruvian shamans, but instead, he brings their wisdom and energetic tools to the west, adjusting to the westerns needs which are very different than of those who live in the jungle all of their lives.

In the ceremonies René holds a strong, stable frequency and create a safe energetical space, allowing you to face your shadow and go through your journeys, feeling safe and protected. He has been described by many as “the lion” – holding the frequency of integrity, courage and strong heart, providing the participants with the courage and trust that is needed to dive deep into their inner darkness.

René has been interviewed by various magazines, radio and TV channels (see links below), and helps spread the knowledge about the healing powers of the sacred plant, and how to use it in a safe, responsible way, taking clear measures to make sure the participants are safe and protected energetically, emotionally and physical.

He is a part of the ayahuasca community in Holland, a group that works to create safety regulations to ensure safe, responsible usage of the sacred medicine.


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Maestro Shurandy

Shurandy is a truly one of a kind ayahuasca maestro – sensitive, compassionate and wise, Shurandy is a heart centered teacher of wisdom and the power of consciousness.

Shurandy has his roots in the amazon and the sacred knowledge runs in his DNA. He has led hundreds of ayahuasca and san pedro ceremonies all over Europe, (many of them together with René) working with participants from all over the world.

From his own experience and from the thousands of people he has worked with, Shurandy learned the real meaning of unconditional love, and to be able to see the essence of oneness that is always present in everyone, no matter what life have put them through or how “damaged” people might think they are.

“Ayahuasca for me is a tool that raises your level of consciousness, so you have more access to your higher self, a portal opener”, he says. He is very familiar with other modalities of healing and trauma processing as well, and brings his knowledge and experience to the work with ayahuasca as well.

“The main difference between working with ayahuasca and other healing modalities is the complete letting go of control” he explains, “When you allow ayahuasca to heal you, you completely surrender and allow a highly evolved consciousness to enter your body and lead you through a journey of profound emotional cleansing”

“The most important part of my role as an ayahuasca maestro is to make sure that each participant feels absolutely safe and seen, and to create a sacred, healing energy field in the ceremony yurt” says Shurandy, who has the magical ability to help people soften and open their hearts.

Shurandy is very well aware of the power and synergy of combining the work of ayahuasca, with san pedro.“The san pedro ceremony is a great tool to integrate and give practical form to the energetic and emotional shifts that ayahuasca has taken you through” he says with a smile.

Many people see the san Pedro ceremony as a social ceremony that is mainly about communication and connection with the group, yet Shurandy also emphasizes the importance of silence and stillness in the work with san Pedro.

Shurandy is very connected to “the grandfather’s spirit” and to the fact that some of the most precious gifts can only be received from a place of stillness, and therefore he structures the ceremony in such a way that it contains both individual and social elements.

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Safe and pleasant environment

Our center – located in the middle of nature and grasslands, at the foot of a nature reserve – provides you with the ideal conditions to recharge yourself. Our astonishing 16.000 square meters big garden will leave you with enough options for a quiet place to rest after the deep inner work you have done.

The property is surrounded by different species of hedges, each with its own color of flowers, which makes it a pleasure to come along in the spring.

Read more about our location here.