The Mission

“Healing and expansion of consciousness through spreading indigenous wisdom from shamanic healing practices and medicinal plant ceremonies.”


The Acsauhaya organisation aims to reconnect Westerners to their true selves by walking a path of self-reflection, transformation and awakening. We bring indigenous wisdom from shamanic healing practices and medicinal plant ceremonies from the Amazon to Europe. More specifically, we make the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca more accessible to the (European) world through facilitating authentic shamanic ceremonies in a safe, comfortable place.

In doing so, we have the utmost respect for the Amazon, the medicine, and for those shamans who have dedicated years of their lives to connect to the plant, study it and master the art of healing with this sacred plant medicine. As a way of giving back, we strive to invest into replanting Banasteriopsis Caapi (the ayahuasca vine) in the Amazonian rainforest.

It is our mission to educate as many people as possible on the wonders of medicinal plant traditions, the potential of the human essence, and the oneness of all beings. We hope that you will contribute to our mission, even if it is simply by spreading the knowledge and informing your friends and family about this organisation, and about ayahuasca and the wisdom of plant medicine.