Private Retreat

“Treat yourself (and your loved ones) to the unique experience of a

private retreat.”

At Acsauhaya we offer the unique opportunity to organize a private retreat just for you (and your family or friends) with our curanderos at our beautiful Dutch farm house. The private retreats can be customized at every level, hour and number of ceremonies, number of guests, specialized themes, additional activities, as well as unique dietary preferences.

During your private retreat the curandero and the team will direct all their attention to you and everything will be centered around your personal intention during your retreat. Do you want to focus purely on your own energy? Do you have a special intention or theme for you (and your partner)? Allow yourself the intimacy and exclusivity of a private retreat!

Shaman blows smoke over head of a woman, background is black

The advantages of a private retreat are:

  • A custumized scheduele with the option of adding additional treatments (Yoga, Rapé, etc.), planned specifically to meet your needs
  • Complete anonymity
  • A safe, private environment to open up, discuss and focus on intimate issues and challenges which require more privacy and attention.

Customized settings, complementary healing sessions

A personal retreat will be planned especially for your needs. After discussing about your specific needs and goals we will consult our curandero and plan a scheduele with complementary treatments and ceremonies, in addition to the Ayahuasca or Psilocybin ceremonies. These treatments will help prepare your mind and body to the powerful healing capabilities of Ayahuasca and Psilocybin and focus your intentions. We have the option to add one or more of the following to the retreat scheduele:

Rapé ceremony

  • Helps to focus and sharpen the mind.
  • Clears a person of misaligned, bad energies in preparation for intention setting.
  • Detoxes both the body and the mind and clears your energetic field.
  • Provides a calming, grounding effect.

Cacao ceremony

  • Helps opening the heart
  • Helps in releasing internal blocks and fears
  • Helps connecting to your highest self, your own power and truth
  • Helps silencing the mind, connect to the wisdom and spirit within you
  • Creates a balance of masculine and feminine energies in the body
  • Leads to enhanced creativity

Yoga sessions

  • Helps relaxing and connecting to your body before the ceremony
  • Helps “landing” and grounding your consciousness back into the body the day after a ceremony
  • Connects the body and mind, helps in aligning intent and becoming more conscious of your body’s needs.
  • Enhances vitality and blood flow

Transformational breathing sessions

  • Helps bringing unconscious traumas and issues to the surface
  • Reduces worry and anxiety
  • Enhances awareness of self-sabotaging patterns
  • Strengthens the connection with your Higher Consciousness

Feel free to contact us regarding your specific needs and preferred dates, to receive a private retreat plan and price offer.