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Our Culture of Care

Integration means taking the knowledge and lessons learnt during your retreat experience and putting them into practice within your daily life.

Psychedelics are powerful tools for breaking old patterns and creating real change. However, they are not magic pills that will fix your problems for you. For lasting transformation wonderful insights and healing may slip away from you as you return to daily life and old habits reassert themselves.

With proper recourses and guiding principles focusing on preparation and integration you can get the most out of your psychedelic retreat to embody your transformational experience that is both sustainable and consistent.

At Acsauhaya we understand that preparation and integration are key to long-lasting positive change. All our retreats have these principles built into how we approach this sacred work and as such we provide ongoing holistic support both before and after your retreat through a multidimensional lens. We invite you to follow the higher perspective of your inner knowing and let your direct experiences during your healing retreat guide you towards a better understanding of yourself and what resources work best for your own unique needs.

As part of our preparation support, we offer multiple conversations and guidance before you attend and after you leave our beautiful centre, we send you an integration toolkit as well as one-to-one video and phone conversations to help you integrate your experiences into daily life.

In addition to our support, we have partnered with our friends at Nectara to offer all our guests a more in-depth and therapeutical support where needed. This involves a comprehensive set of psychedelic support tools, approaches, and workshops designed to assist your transformation journey with us in a holistic way. Nectar’s programme provides a special combination of therapeutical and psychedelic support systems to ensure you receive the maximum from your experience at Acsauhaya.

What we offer

Before your retreat – Preparation

Preparing for your retreat helps you to clarify your mind, body, and soul in a way that creates the perfect internal set and setting for your transformational experience. Intentions and expectations are important aspects of the preparation stage as these help us to occupy the most advantageous space before embarking on a psychedelic journey.

  • Acsauhaya: As part of our complementary preparation guidance with Acsauhaya, we offer one-to-one conversations with our experienced and compassionate team who can walk you through what to expect and can offer resources to help you with your spiritual, emotional, and mental preparation as well as Dietary Guidelines.

  • Resources: When you sign up for our 7-week Transcendental Retreat Programme you will receive an in-depth preparation guidebook pdf that will provide helpful tips of dieting, exercise, rest, mental preparations, grounding practices, and more.
  • Expert guidance: Connect with Nectara’s international team of carefully selected psychedelic therapeutical experts to solidify your intention and explore various queries on how to best approach a psychedelic experience. Receive support and counselling from highly qualified professionals who specialise in a wide range of modalities, including somatic therapy, dreamwork, and psychotherapy.
  • Connect with your fellow travellers: when you sign up for our 7-week Transcendental Retreat Programme you will have the opportunity to connect with our other guests on your retreat.

After your retreat – Integration

Integration is everything! We always say that when you go home the real work begins, however, this is can also be the most exciting time as you reexperience your life from a place of openness and healing. At Acsauhaya we will continue to provide ongoing support as part of every retreat package as during this important phase of your transformation your brain has reopened a special neuroplastic state called the ‘critical period’. This time offers you a powerful opportunity to anchor your psychedelic experience into tangible positive change in your life. Guidance at this stage can greatly accelerate your progress, expand, and enhance the transformational gifts you have received within your psychedelic journey.

  • Acusahaya’s Complementary Ongoing Support: After your retreat you will receive our integration toolkit with multiple resources, including books and videos. In addition, we offer one-to-one video or phone integration talks up to one hour per session, that can really give you the time and space to express yourself and gain guidance from our expert team.

  • Nectara Programme: As part of our 7-week Transcendental Retreat Programme you will be part of a special journey for optimal transformation and exploration. Over the 6-weeks after your retreat with us, the evidence-based programme will help you to integrate your retreat experience in an empowered way to create lasting behavioural and lifestyle changes. Facilitated by integration and wellness specialists this exclusive programme for Ascauhaya guests will connect you with like-minded souls building not only an internal support system for yourself but an external ecosystem of support also.
  • Community: Continue your journey of self-exploration and healing with other seekers online with Nectara’s Circle, a platform for psychedelic support, resources, and ongoing monthly integration events. Join their guided community breathwork sessions and sharing circles. There you can also find a wide range of integration resources to support your upcoming, or previous, journey with us.

“Get in touch with our psychedelic integration coachs, guides & psychedelic therapists.”

What is psychedelic preparation?

Psychedelic preparation is about creating the right conditions for your mind, body, and spirit to have a safe and transformative psychedelic experience. Preparation is the first step of integration–in order to weave the lessons of a psychedelic journey into your everyday life, you must first make sure you’re prepared to do so. Preparation helps you build your capacity to receive and hold new insights and nourish the resources necessary to integrate them after the experience. From this connected perspective, we view preparation as a phase of integration.

What is psychedelic integration?

Psychedelic experiences can be gateways to blissful states and celestial realms within the universe of your mind and consciousness itself. Sometimes, they can also lead to challenging dives into your life story and what doesn’t serve you anymore. They can be powerful and a lot to process on your own.

Integration is the ongoing process of translating all that magic into a happier, more aligned, and healthy life. It’s about taking action toward creating wholeness through dedication, patience, and embodied living. Integration helps us find deeper meaning within the peak experience of psychedelics.

As Huston Smith said beautifully: “It’s the challenge of transforming flashes of illumination into abiding light.”

Integration tactics are the tools and pathways you will employ to leverage the insights from your retreat into realized transformation. Whatever tactics you choose will vary for everyone, and what works for you will shift depending on your intention, interests, seasons, and current situation. Popular modalities include meditation, breathwork, journaling, walks in nature, 1:1 coaching, and dance.

Want to learn more about the basics of psychedelic integration? Download Nectara’s Psychedelic 101 Guidebook for free.

Working with a Psychedelic integration coach

One of the best ways to integrate your retreat with us is to work with a Nectara guide. With a guide, you can receive personalized preparation and integration support online from carefully vetted guides. Each one is an experienced, kind, and caring ally dedicated to your highest potential. From helping you process and reflect on your experience in a supportive container to ongoing support to help you translate your journey into lasting change, Nectara’s diverse team of guides is here to help you, wherever you are in your path of healing and self-discovery.

Book a free consultation with a Nectara guide and get 18€ off your first booking using the code “ACSAUHAYA”.

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