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For Your Retreat

“The path towards increased awareness starts as soon as you decide to sign up for a retreat.”
It is very important to carefully prepare yourself for your ayahuasca ceremonies, physically as well as mentally. A good preparation is essential for a good ayahuasca experience. There is a lot you need to know about how to best prepare yourself and what to expect, which we will outline in detail for you here.

(Re)connect to your inner world

Preparing yourself entails more than following the ayahuasca diet. It is not only about preparing your body (considering what to consume and what not), but also about preparing your mind and soul for the experience. When we limit our intake stimulants like refined sugars, caffeine or alcohol, as well as our usage of social media and even sexual interaction, we become more sensitive to our inner world. Ayahuasca is a process, that starts as soon as you decide to sign up for a retreat. It is a path towards increased awareness. Feelings or emotions that may have been hidden or suppressed by our day-to-day usage of stimulants, might start to come to the surface and show themselves. Reducing our daily distractions enables us to become more aware of our inner world and can therefore help us to set our intentions for the ayahuasca ceremonies.

Check in with your intention

In order to prepare yourself well for your retreat, it is important to give your mind and body plenty of rest. Make sure to get enough sleep, but also to limit the intake of stimulants. Don’t lose yourself in distractions and allow plenty of time for and with yourself. Try to spend time in nature, and quiet your mind through yoga, meditation, music, journaling, whatever suits you best. This will eventually enable you to connect to your intention: What is it that you want to learn, heal, release and explore in the ceremony? By keeping up a good diet, preparing our body, mind and soul for the experience and checking in with our intention, we show our willingness and commitment to truly dive into this process to receive the healing we need.

And then let go of expectations!

For most people, their first ceremony is an experience that they have been living towards for months, sometimes even years. We just outlined how important it is to carefully prepare yourself, so most likely the (possible outcomes of the) ceremonies have been keeping you occupied for some time now… However, the very last thing that we would want to advise you to do as preparation, is to release all expectations you may have of what you will experience! Let whatever happens happen, you will get exactly what you need. Even though this might be different from what you want.
“What is it that you want to learn, heal, release and explore with ayahuasca?”

What to bring along to the retreat?

Here’s a list of things that will come in handy when visiting our retreats:
  • Warm and comfortable (yoga or sports) clothes
  • Spare clothes
  • Comfortable shoes (think easy-to-wear, slip-on shoes or flip flops)
  • Personal toiletries
  • Swimsuit & beach towel (for when you like sunbathing or want to use the swimming pool)
  • Sunscreen (for when -finally- sunny in the Netherlands)
  • Journal or notepad


What to wear for my ayahuasca ceremony?2019-05-02T13:46:58+02:00
We advise you to bring casual, comfortable clothes. You want to make sure that you are also comfortable moving around if you feel like it. Think loose (yoga) pants, sweat pants, sandals / flip flops, but also warm socks might be comfortable. Depending on the weather, it can also be smart to wear layers so that you can add or remove clothing easily if you get hot or cold.
What do I need to bring to the retreat?2019-05-02T13:46:58+02:00
For the full list of things to bring, please see “What to bring along to the retreat?”.


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