Retreat Support Program

“We are there for you – before, during and after the retreat – to help you navigate the path of ayahuasca.”

Ayahuasca is not a walk in the park. Unlike indigenous peoples, we, as Westerners, tend to be intellectually sharp but emotionally uninformed, if not completely out of touch with our bodies and hearts. Many of us are disconnected from our families, from spirit and the communities we live in. And now we want to embark on a sacred ceremonial path with a plant spirit that opens the gates of our subconscious… Brave, but challenging, as you can imagine.

That is why it is paramount to us to support your healing process in the best way we can. To enable you to get the most out of your time and experience here, we have developed a Retreat Support Program, that consists of support with preparation, on-site guidance and integration support.

Well begun is half done

Your journey starts with good preparation. The earlier in your healing process you can start to work on your intention and start following the diet, the better. Both of these processes will help you to really prepare for and engage in your healing process. At the beginning of the retreat, there will also be private talks with our team of guides – intended to help you “finetune” your intention(s).

Guidance during the retreat

In between ceremonies, we will support the integration process with group conversations and activities, which will help you with practical implementation and translation of your new insights into your everyday life.

During the retreat we will have then spent lots of time being vulnerable with other people, sharing space and meals, and facing the deepest darkest parts of ourselves together. And then… We go home; back to our everyday lives…

And then we go home

The Retreat Support Program intends to show you that we are there for you – before, during and after the retreat – to talk with you and to support you in this complex process of integration, to remind you that your inner work is highly important and valuable (even when your friends and family “don’t get it”), and to make you feel that you are not alone in this process!

We know that many people receive amazing insights and realizations during the ayahuasca retreats, but are consequently experiencing difficulties integrating these insights into their daily lives and communicating them to their loved ones. This can make them feel alone, misunderstood, and frustrated. Therefore, we have designed an Integration Toolkit with readings, exercises, links and tips to help you throughout the integration process. You can read more about this through this link.

Overview of our Retreat Support Program:


Intake Questionnaire
Preparation Best Practices
Dietary Guidelines
What to bring along for the retreat

On-site guidance

Group Sharing Circles
Group (mindfulness/meditation) exercises
Availability of experienced facilitator for questions/support

Integration Support

Private FB group with (ex)participants
A team of integration guides and a network of affiliated therapists
Integration Toolkit